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Consentement aux soins médicaux

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a. I hereby authorize the health care providers of Yuboost, and their staff, to perform any medical procedures and medical care which in their professional judgment is deemed necessary to diagnose and/or treat the conditions that have brought about my seeking medical care services. I acknowledge that no guarantees are made to me concerning the outcomes of the treatment performed.

b. I agree that the staff of Yuboost has communicated to me the risks and benefits associated with each treatment I am agreeing to undertake and I have had an opportunity to ask the practitioner any questions I have regarding the risk associated with the treatment I am undertaking. Knowing each of those risks, I am agreeing to proceed with these services.

c. I accept that in the event of an accident involving a sting, a blood splash or any other injury involving blood contact, Yuboost's medical staff may carry out serological tests (blood screening) for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. This will be paid for by Yuboost.

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